Thursday, March 4, 2010

South Porch Details

Following are a few shots of the south porch during the 5 days of it's construction by Matt.

Pictures: 1)-The lightness of the porch 2)-As much light below the roof as above! 3)-profile view showing deck, steel pole, roof and board walk over wetland.

Our schematic design evolved during the course of construction as Lois and I continued to contemplate her needs and wants, scope of work, cost, and materials.

As a result of availability of recycled materials, the south side deck evolved. We had many 20' 2x4's from demolition of the original deck. 10' was a great length for decking so that drove the deck size. The old deck was 12' wide, so having a deck 6' deep also meant no waste--and a perfect size anyhow--just big enough to enter and to house a small table and chair.

Using the last of our beautiful 2x6's from Two Dog Timberworks, remnants of steel poles from the other porch, and the 1x2's from the do-it-yourself arbor we demolished, we only had to purchase 3 sheets of Lexan, 4x10' for the lid and one 12' D.F.#1 6x6 for the beam.

But, the porch was not on the plans. Correctly, the County wants to make sure it's safe. So now, off to engineering.

4)-showing that the hole is at least 36" deep, 16" around and dug in solid undisturbed soil. 5)- the construction of the deck with a permanent temp beam 6)-the 4x10 bolting deck framing to steel poles with three 3/8" x 4' lags. 7)- Matt and Dog working hard.

The picture with the dog probably is the most descriptive. It clearly shows an "Another Project by dbBrad" sign. Also note the 2x6 ledger with the Simpson roll strap pre-nailed to the back side and the bolt detail on the pole Matt is carrying. And, in compliance with County regulations, the dog is on a leash!

8)-Brad torques the 1/2" x 7" bolt to secure the beam to the 2 1/2" steel pipe colums.
9)- and 10)-Matt nailing off the Simpson straps and attaching the 2x4 perlins.

Matt's 200# + on a single rafter. The fir from Two Dog Timberworks is easily twice as strong as that from the lumber store. Matt shaved 3/16" off the end of the rafters so the Lexan and flashing wouldn't be effected by the simpson straps on top of the rafters.

11)- the house not too long after we started. The roof and skylight had already been done.

Will it stand up. That's what the great team at Reed and Associates Engineers are going to tell us.

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