Thursday, March 4, 2010

Garbage Fence

Here is a pile of lumber which normally would have been dumpsterized. It came in the form of pallets with our roofing order. The wood is fir and hemlock, roughly milled but fairly free of knots and I hated to chuck it. So Joe pulled hundreds of little ring shanked nails and stacked the wood until...

...One day Lois and I were looking at the neighbors' rubbish and recycling piles thinking it would be nice if her fence went all the way to the corner. Ding ding--I knew instantly what to do!

Later the next day Joe had the posts in, had cut a few 2x4's left over from deck salvage and had nailed up the pallet wood. The shingle wall had been hanging out since we cut in the doors on the south side (studio porch) and was simple installed between two posts to define the corner.

The neighbors didn't seem to mind looking at their rubbish, but they expressed dissatisfaction with looking at the back of a shingled wall. Ding ding ding--

Having recently done the recycled metal screens, I asked Joe to grab all the cut-offs from the panels and "shantytown" the back. An hour later the wall was done and the neighbors were happy.

Using recycled materials and scraps;
Allowing for changes to occur;
Constantly re-evaluating needs and costs;
The design build process working at it's best!!

dbBrad is Design Build Brad.

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