Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pond and Wetland


has a brand new project. A large pond and wetland fed by water from surface runoff, french drains and the roof of the house.

This brand new house sits on land freshly disturbed from construction and has had some flooding issues. It's at the bottom of a large long hill that was badly damaged during clear cutting and has since has been aggravated by homes and roads creating a severe water problem.

Elliott Menashe of Greenbelt Consulting was first on the scene and referred the clients to Design Build Brad and Fran Abel Landscape Consulting . It is always a pleasure to work with Elliott and thank you.

The land around the house is a bit sterile right now. Fran has put the land in a repair/holding pattern with cover crops while we work on the logistics of repairing the land's ability to absorb water.

This project is currently a combined design build effort with Fran Abel as the primary designer and dbBrad as the contractor. However we have a great working relationship as I understand the need to be sensitive to the landscape and she understands architecture. And she's a wonderful mom too!

View of back portion of property. This small gully will become a lined stream and drain down to the grassy area where the pond will be. Below that the large wetland to give the land and water and plants time to mix it up!

The site is large and will mostly be restored to the wetland forest it once was. Stumps of very large trees are reminiscent of the massive forest that used to be there. It is this area behind the house void of vegetation but rich with opportunity where we well begin phase one of the repair to the land and it's ability to handle water.


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