Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Moch up

Here is the mock up for a new project. It's actually going to be an architectural deer fence at the entrance to a beautiful home situated on property overlooking Bush Point.

The idea evolved from a metal post fence with welded wire mesh I came upon when inspecting a barn being salvaged. The barn had giant posts and 3x16 cedar planks. Responding to the material's attributes, I decided to span further and to hang very heavy metal panels (old boiler plates). There would be three panels in each bay with spacing between them.

The barn wood sold before I got there, but the idea didn't die.

With a few scraps of Lois's gutter chain, the last piece of Fairground metal (see: Lois screens, FrEdLey siding, and Island County Fairground roofing), a 6x6 from the wood pile, two blocks of those infamous spruce 2x8's originally from FrEdLey project, and flashing to mimic angle iron, we worked this up.

The budget is very tight so we are now looking at adapting our design without disrupting our language. Canvas panels hand-dyed by the artist owner might contribute a beautiful temporary panel in the frame work until the steel panels can be squeezed into the budget. This idea sparked from my new and ingenious collapsible steel job sign utilizing no fasteners other than bungee loops. A blog posting will follow.

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