Sunday, March 28, 2010

Job Site Signs

After years of seeing mailboxes fall over, realtor's using a post-hole digger to set a sign and painted plywood job-site addresses nailed to trees, I decided I needed a sign that was as easy to assemble and transport as it is attractive and durable.

These rails are a common channel profile out of mild steel. Easy to drill and cut. Two holes with a jig saw crafted the slots. A grinder cleans up the material and cuts the tenons.

I build fences once every few years. I just built a deer fence and had my red pounder out. A simple underused tool I decided to employ! Nothing easier than driving 30" of sharpened steel into the ground!!

Of coarse I always have the Nuprin level with me. (Nuprin because it's little, yellow, different)

After pounding the poles correctly spaced (+/- 1/2") the legs are still a little flimsy. This allows them to easily deflect for inserting the tenons. Still wobblie at this point, simple bungee/ball loops for tarps are used to stretch the sign inside the frame providing the tension necessary to hold it all together.

No mechanical fasteners at all. Four signs have been up now for over a month and they are straight and tight as when installed!

As always, the simple solution (though a little more complicated initially) always prevails in good design.

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