Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Process

Sometimes the process of a project is as fun as the finished project.

This is proving to be the case with my latest design build project-Cheryl's Fence! We're having a great time evolving and refining the design.
Above: A mock up of the materials for Cheryl the Artist's Fence including woven wire mesh left over from FrEdLey's, salvage cedar posts with angle iron corners and steel boiler plates!

Below: Brad and Josh admiring our work after a day of assembling railings on FrEdLey.

However, sometimes these processes are overwhelming. Cheryl is taking the weekend without the moch ups, the crew or dbBrad to think about it.

It's a lot of money to design and build a custom design durable enough to last for 50 years, beautiful enough to hold it's own as the first thing you see, practical enough to keep the deer and rabbits out and unique/special enough to be a functional piece of art. A big piece of art at that. Perfect for an Artist!

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