Monday, March 1, 2010

Exterior Spaces

Blurring the division between interior and exterior is a trademark of our work. By pulling the architecture of the dwelling into the garden one effectively brings the garden into the house.

Even without any plants, the wetland flows under the bridge and the deck has intimacy. The little recycled 2x4 bridge begs one to walk across and sit on the porch.

Creating a simple covered space allow one to linger at this transition between interior and exterior. It also allows the room to 'borrow' space from the yard. Lois's studio feels bigger with the deck extending the spaces, even with the doors closed. During the summer months, the doors will be open most of the time.

Being too open can be a problem too--lack of privacy and no sense of security. The screens provide a distinction of zones, where public to private can transition seamlessly without barriers.

Above, the 100% recycled deck, downspout and screens. Simplicity and honesty of materials at it's best.
Below, the road beyond the screen feels like it's over there and the space off the deck feels enclosed.

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