Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lil' Table

A Brand new History!

This red painted wood with the white edge used to be a stair tread at Asilomer Conference Center in California. When I visited, many years ago, they were replacing the steps (I'm not quite sure why) and to get more wood in the dumpster they were pulling it and stacking it. This is one of the pieces I was able to retrieve before the Ranger came and spoke to us of liability issues. He did let us keep the pieces we already had loaded!

The metal stand was in the cottage at my Bellingham residence. It held a narrow tank of water off the ground, just enough to set up a convection loop around the wood stove. The wife and two kids lived in the cottage for several years during WWII and this was their only source of hot water. Cold showers during the summer I think!

5 minutes with a wire brush grinder- $7.50
8 minutes with a planer and sander- $13.00
45 seconds to cut top and place on base $1.78
A life time of ideas and exploration by designer - Priceless!

dbBrad is Design Build Brad

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