Sunday, March 28, 2010

dbBrad's first Intern

Travis is back for 3 months from university where he studies construction management in architecture. He will be working as an intern for dbBrad during this time.

Travis seeing Lois's new view first during demolition of kitchen wall, 2009

Travis has worked for me during the last 3-4 years when not in school. We have solid work right now for the crew so Travis will be working with me in the office learning the other side of construction.

Above, Travis and Brad on the roof of the Car Port, 2007
Below, Travis and Brad in the holes, FrEdLey Main Living, 2008

He'll be helping me do drawings, site plans, as-builts, pricing, permitting with Island County and the City of Langley, detailing and marketing. Beyond this we'll be putting together all the answers for all the questions associated with the building of 4-6 cottages in Langley.

Carl, Travis and Brad, left to right. Seems a fitting picture as Carl was and continues to be my mentor.

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