Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This door (tucked behind the screen), with covered space for contemplating one's work even on a rainy day, opens into a studio.

A previously dark, unventilated dining room and kitchen now open onto a small deck for outdoor living.

These doors give this small work studio a lovely connection to the garden.

Where there was once a solid wall with one fixed window, adding five French doors opened the space up to the garden.

Doors can open a bedroom onto a small private deck for early morning coffee.

A front door can have a view too.

Even a small basement apartment can be opened up onto a garden.

Do bathrooms need to be closed off from the garden?

And, sometimes a whole wall of doors can open a space for total summer outdoor living.

A door onto a bridge, connecting buildings results in a garden passageway.

Doors can give an ugly back entry a face lift and a delightful garden connection.

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