Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jimmy's house

An initial sketch of Jimmy's house. Schematic design is a must and very few people understand why.

The simple exploration of ideas, site, structure, materials, client needs, community,... are all so important. They begin to establish a language you use to inform all design decisions along the way from location of building on site to locations of handles on cabinets.

At design build brad the products evolve but the language remains the same (once clearly defined during schematic design). This allows for change, improvement and adaptation while keeping the design centered and simple.

Above-a sketch of Jimmy's house by Brad Hankins--first one!!
Below-Jimmy at Irish welding unloads the heavy steel boiler plates which were purchased for a fence awaiting fabrications. The site for his house is less that 50' away.

Being a man of steel, Jimmy wants to build a moment frame! This is a structural system not typically afforded in residential construction and I'm delighted to explore the design opportunities allowed by a steel moment frame house in the tree tops!!

Our language here is cantilever, bending moment, deflection and overturning. Our materials are steel, concrete and a beautiful live/work site.

Below is another example of a sketch informing an entire design process but not driving/forcing it.

Above- is a sketch early on of FrEdLey's project.
Below-FrEdLey project finished. Photo by Lois Mason.

Through schematic design exploration we lived with the idea of separate buildings and a tower. After two weeks of eating cereal on it (laminated copy) we nixed the tower but the separate buildings were a given!

I expect to see similar improvements happen as Jimmy's place evolves!

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