Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Outdoor Spaces

Blending the indoor and outdoor spaces improves the aesthetics of a home as well as its livability. The screens added to this home, once softened on both sides with plantings, will create private, nestled, and inviting places to enjoy the garden as well as provide great views of the garden from inside. Blurred edges extend an almost irresistible invitation to enjoy both the interior and exterior spaces.

Before the remodel there was no separation from the street. The home lacked complexity. The garden was an uninviting large grassy area. The function, both inside and out, was weak.

By adding screens the lines of the home are extended into the garden. With the weaving of plants in-and-out between the screens, creating privacy and beauty, outdoor "rooms" are formed. The once too-close street vanishes from one's vision and mind.

The photo, directly above, shows the existing deck and propane tank enclosure reworked, replacing plastic trellis enclosures, with a more creative, architectural, and permanent-in-appearance material while extending the screen-look from front-to-back. The repetition of materials enhances the overall continuity.

The screens were built of recycled roofing from the barn at the Island County Fair.

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