Monday, December 2, 2019

A few recent projects

Not all of my projects are my designs, but most of them.  But they all share important characteristics.

Smart envelope construction
Metal roofs
Covered outdoor spaces
Local materials and products
Efficiency of space
Low maintenance
Energy efficiency
Red List compliant (non toxic)
Relationship to nature
Happy clients

Gilman, designed by Taproot Architects
built by dbBrad

 Most of my projects strive to be more than the budget would allow.  To compensate for this, I rely on skilled, proud and invested workers.  And simple designs.

Rapfogel house, 900sf heated, two buildings, 600sf covered outdoor space, Gorgeous!

In graduate school for architecture, or even in undergraduate school, instructors priased the 'Box"
Learn how to design, to detail, to construct and to elaborate on the Box first.

A simple garden shed somewhere in Washington state.  We called it Bob'em!
Built off site and flown in with a crane.

Never being one much for senseless curves and expensive details, i have lived the box all my life. I have practiced it.  I have perfected it.

BRMB, or Belinda Robert Micro Buildings

And so I continue to build boxes.  But boxes that make sense.  Boxes that are good investments.  Boxes that are healthy and efficient.  Boxes that relate to their environment and need no maintenance.

Luginbill, 2019, Greenbank WA.

But most importantly, boxes that live large.  That have punch.  That meet the prescribed requirements for design, use and budget.  Boxes that aren't just boxes!

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