Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 113

We're being escorted through one of the fires along the PCT 2012.  Point of origin less than 20 feet from trail.  They don't think it was from a PCTer, but from lightening, and we've had lots of lightening.  But, given all the signs I've seen of inappropriate camping behavior and the general lack of knowledge regarding wilderness camping do's and dont's I have concerns.    Lightening or no lightening, both the trail and the hikers would benefit from better outdoor preparation.   15 miles.

Fire fighter, Bloodbath and Bodybank

Leave no Trace educates people about good outdoor ethics, and is a fabulous group to support.  Also  the Pacific Crest Trail Association helps with education, plus assists trail users by posting up-to-date trail fire conditions.

And, as a reminder, I urge you to support Heart on the Trail.  In my last couple months of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail I'm wanting to give back to the Pacific Trail Association and The American Heart Association.  Two organizations close to my heart!  I'm drawing hearts on the trail to raise money for both groups.

A leave-no-trace heart on the trail -- soon erased by boots or rain.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 112

Bodybags and Bloodbank in forest meadow near Thielsen Creek just below PCT. 14 miles.

Getting dropped off by one of the wonderful staff members at Elk Lake complete with maps and route info for our freestyle PCT journey up and over S. Sister

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 111

Coming down off Mt. Thielson to meet friend Sara, who will be joining us for our freestyling adventures.  8 miles.

Freestyle & Bodybag

Diamond Lake was a great spot to spend an afternoon as Bags and I got off PCT to meet Bloodbank.

Diamond Lake
Some rides are better than others!! 

Bags n Bloodbank freestyle out of Diamond Lake Resort!


Heart on the Trail


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 110

Didn't get  far yesterday-- too beautiful here at Crater Lake.  9 miles

Crater Lake AM
Mt. Thielsen PM
Freestyle sending kisses home!
Mt. Thielsen Summit with Crater Lake in the background.
Freestyle & Bodybag freestyling the PCT
Freestyle and Russian exchange student (Justivin Hikaslow ?) below Mt. Thielsen 

Day 109

August 22, 2012, Crater Lake, Oregon.

Freestyle Freestyling at Crater Lake

Day 108

Hitch day.  Southern Oregon is beautiful if not hot and dry and boring too!

Crater Lake Lodge at Mazama Village below Crater Lake on PCT.  Another CCC (Roosevelt) project lovingly constructed during the depression and horribly maintained since.  Come on America, let's take care or what we have!

Day 107

After only 20 miles yesterday following a nearo at Callahans and a zero in Ashland, we were ready for bog miles- right up until 7:30 am where a simple ride to Hyatt Cafe for breakfast became an all day wait for our ride to bring back Bodybags (Justin forgetit Downs) expensive DSLR camera.  We hung out at Hyatt Campground all day and stayed that night leaving us 3.45miles for the day.  So much for an early start!!

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Day 106

Siskiyou Mountains

Sunrise and sunset, pct 2012 hikers- but which one is which-no one seems to know!
Sunrise and Sunset
Sunrise or Sunset?

Hot and dry hiking with few and crappy at that water sources.

Sunrise or Sunset?

Day 105

Hanging out.  A day in Ashland with special thanks to Ninja and his mom for all their generosity.  Though the picture isn't in Ashland, it is 'hanging out'.

Bodybag on the rocks
Soon to be a new drink sensation!  Pct 2013

Leaving Ashland, barely with only 3 miles.  Callhans turned out to be a great place to hang out and eat with wifi and a computer.  Renewed my driver's license and applied for entry into Canada ( which I received less than 2 weeks later- yet still no WDL from Wa DMV.

Day 104


Day 103

Headed into Ashland

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hearts in Oregon

Hearts are now appearing on the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon.  Be sure to purchase your heart and help raise money for The Pacific Crest Trail Association and the American Heart Association.   Thanks!

Hearts are popping up everywhere!

Making donations ~~  Click on the heart on Heart on the Trail to make a donation through PayPal  ~~ Send a check, made out to Heart on the Trail, to Whidbey Island Bank, Langley Branch, Post Office Box 665, Langley, Washington 98260 

Heart on the Trail


If you've had trouble donating to Heart on the Trail through PayPal, please try again or send a check directly to Whidbey Island Bank.  Setting up the PayPal Account took a little longer than anticipated so we've had a glitch, or two.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Day 102

Lunch on the PCT.

Shack, Weki, Challenger, Only a Test, Jackie Been, Little Dipper, Slider, ??

Super light weight hiker pants for all outdoor people.  Bodybag's new clothing design features sun protection, super light weight,bug proof, excellent ventilation to reduce chaffing and very fashionable!

Bodybag hikes in style

The big climb out of  Seiad Valley

Fire and smoke from three different fires, one in Seiad Valley which forced PCT closure.  Thick, smokey air is hot, humid, and low on oxygen.  Felt like the high Sierras again.

Some rides are better than others.

Bags on one of the steepest sections of the PCT
Body bags demonstrates what hapens when you use gasoline in a crappy alcohol can stove

Day 101

Hiked 15 miles today into the Seiad Valley.  Great swimming with rock to jump off and salamanders everywhere along  the edges of the lake.  

Seiad Valley

 Hanging out near Seiad Valley along  the PCT.


100 Days

Zowie!  100 days on the PCT, enjoyed with a great day with swimming, siesta and beautiful views around Marble Mt. CA.   23.5 miles today.

Bobybag in Northern CA


Day 99

21 miles with some rock climbing along the way


Stunning Country!

Day 98

Etna Rest Day  (Nero Day - 1 mile)

  A beautiful section of the PCT

Day 97

Bags, Astro and Freestyle coming into Etna headed for a fabulous hiker hut, the best set up for hikers along the pct

24 miles today.

Bags, Astro, Freestyle

Day 96

 35 miles today.

didn't do this beautiful turquoise heart!  Other people drawing hearts on the trail! This is an extra nice one coming into Etna, CA

PCT fundraiser, Heart on the Trail, gains support.

Long day with beatific views as we approach Etna.

Nearing Etna, CA

Freestyle's (aka dbBrad) Heart on the Trail

Please support Heart on the Trail.  Thank you!

Day 95

28 miles today.

North of Dunsmuir, CA on the PCT, 2012

Day 94

16 miles after picking up Bald Bags from train station!

Bags and Knees headed up and out of Dunsmuir, CA

Day 93

Nero day with just 1 mile
Dunsmuir, CA

Day 92

19 mile day.

Near Dunsmuir, CA

Day 91

30.2 miles today.  8/7/12

Near Alder creek, Northern CA PCT

Freestyle with Astro knees and Bags( Body Bag) lagging behind!

Early morning rain.  Actually glad to see it.  It settled the dust and, heck, we'd carried rain gear for 1600 miles.  Glad to be able to use it!!  

Freestyle, Knees & Astro