Sunday, August 31, 2014

PJ arbor and pond.

BAPOW arbor (12x13 timbers salvaged from old Seattle waterfront building)
Of corse it could also stand for Bad Ass Puddle Of Water.
Perry and Judyth have been fantastic clients and for 4 months, the dbBrad crew has been working hard to make their brand new home THEIR brand new home.

AFTER: PJ's as viewed from the Golf course
We have added a sunroom, 600sf of new patio with two covered portions under the fabulouse heavy timber arbor, a new pond and total new landscape front yard and back.

BEFORE: PJ's as viewed from the golf course
We have totally transformed there house which is what makes these before and after pictures look and feel so different.

Ludo and Flore on the PCT

Two years ago, while hiking across NZ on the Te Araroa trail, I met Ludo and Flore.

F2B: Flore, Ludo, Arnod, dbBrad, Charlie Barron and Richard Wagner.
As seen on cover of Southland Times, April 21st, 2012
We crossed each others paths many times and did a lot of hiking together.

Ludo and Flore, always smiling!
We even finished the trail on the same day and were on the same front page of a local NZ newspaper.  In fact it was on this day that I met Yessi who is now my wife!!

Ludo and Flore at Snoqualmie pass, Under the Freeway
at Denny Creek.
I left invicargill, Ludo and Flore and Yessi and flew to San Diego, arriving a cool 55 minutes before I left NZ (internatinal date line) and immediately began hiking the PCT.  Yessi followed my adventures as did Ludo and Flore.
Ludo and Flore, both with new shoes.
Hiking the last 2 weeks in comfort!!
They spent the next year plus in Montreal Canada, thinking about hiking and now this year, they are hiking the PCT.
Ludo and Flore on the PCT, riding no hands!!
Actually, they are already done. Congratulations to Ludo and Flore for a successful completion of the PCT.

l2r: Ludo, Flore, Deb, TGW (The Germ Woodman) and Yessi

In NZ, i tool lots of pictures of my photogenic friends.  I haven't seen them for two years, but did run across them at Snoqualmie pass, just days before they completed the PCT.

dbBrad saying goodbye to Ludo and Flore after a great weekend

As usual, they make excellent subjects for photography and pretty darn good conversation too.

Ludo and Flore, back on the PCT.
Also to be noted are Greg and Deb who put us all up in style at their cabin on Snoqualmie pass and even gave us all high quality germs for the road!!  Thanks Greg and Deb!!