Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What is this?

Some sort of mistletoe-type parasite?

Day 44 - PCT

South Fork Kern River 
Barracuda, age 7, PCT hiker
His goal is a triple crown by age 13.
Even after a day of hiking there's energy enough to buildd a sandcastle!

Day 43 - PCT

Beck Meadows near spring and enticing siesta spot

Freestyle & Hannah high up in tree

Day 42 - PCT

Time to leave Kennedy Meadows!

Charlie isn't happy!

Day 41 - PCT

Enjoying a zero day camp at Kennedy Meadows.  A great spot to hang out.  A wonderful store.  A whole community built around PCT thru-hikers.

Charlie & Tripod

Day 40 - PCT

Road trip to Kennedy Meadows

Day 39 - PCT

Trail Angels!

Trail Angel feeding and caring for thru-hikers on PCT

Trail Angel filling water containers

Day 38 - PCT


dbBrad aka Freestyle

Day 37 - PCT

When you hike late you often pass other hikers. 

Baboon and Spinz Cowboy camping on the PCT

Day 36 - PCT

PCT Siesta

Day 35 - PCT

Hannah Olsen

dbBrad headed to Tehachapi

Day 34 - PCT

dbBrad aka Freestyle, 
Charlie & Hannah

Hot, windy, dry, dead!

Windmills & Cholia Cactus

Day 33 - PCT

Hot!  Hiked 21 miles today.
La Aqua Duct urinal along PCT 
dbBrad freestyling along the concrete portion of aqua duct

Desert flats and Los Angeles water supply aqua duct 
Mark, Charlie, Hannah - PCT

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Snagged in Kennedy Meadows

Brad and Hannah have fallen behind Charlie and Tripod.  With the company and scenery too good and  blisters and knees too sore, it  all added up  to  lingering at Kennedy Meadows longer than expected and then, once back on the trail, going more slowly than planned. Tomorrow, as it turns out, should be Mt. Whitney day, with a side trip to the summit.  

dbBrad near Kennedy Meadows

Brad & Hannah at 10,000 feet

Friday, June 15, 2012

Kennedy Meadows

Yesterday's destination was Kennedy Meadows, 57 miles east of Sonora, elevation 6,214 feet, with a population in the town of Kennedy Meadows of 28 people.  It is referred to as the gateway to the high Sierras.  Leaving Kennedy Meadows the PCT passes directly through the South Sierra Wilderness, made up of 60,084 acres managed by the Forest Service.  In 1984 the South Sierra Wilderness became part of the National Wilderness Preservation System.  The national wilderness system is made up of 109 million acres.

Kennedy Meadows

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lake Isabella

Lake Isabella today.  Lake Isabella is about 20 miles northeast of Bakersfield.   Never stay at Kern Motel!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

PCT - Day 32


Back near a valley
Hike where the sun can't see you
Mojave desert

Mojave Desert PCT Crossing

PCT - Day 31


Brad at 500 Miles
At 648 miles Central California PCT Begins - 148 to go.


14 miles then
A nap, then indecision
Hitch to Andersons

Pedestal and doll
Metal box and hiker book
Sign in, keep walking

Pedestal and Doll

PCT - Day 30

I needed a zero day and the Staufleys provided the perfect place at Hiker Heaven.  Plus, a shopping trip to REI for much needed outfit, made the day complete.

Hiker Heaven
Hosts Jeff & Donna Saufley

PCT - Day 29


Leave ranger staTion
Arrive at Saufley's Heaven
A very nice place

Other option is
K O A which really means
Camping on asphalt.

Vasquez Rocks at Aqua Dulce

Saturday, June 2, 2012

PCT - Days 27 & 28

Hiked 26.5 miles today -- record number of daily miles to date.  Reached 400 miles before day's end.

Amazing view from the PCT

Brad on PCT in Southern California forest.

Lunch break at Boy Scout Camp.  Horrible patch job on siding!  No potable water either!
New scout master needed?
What kind of tree is this?
Pine - right
Incense cedar - left

PCT - Day 26

Hiked 20.5 miles today.

Brad on lunch break at Blue Ridge, high above Wrightwood. 

View from lunch tree

Not just a lunch tree, but also a pack rack,  and too beautiful for words.
Many conifers grow in the Southern California mountains, including numerous pines: Jeffrey pine, Coulter pine, Gray or Foothill pine, Knobcone pine, Torrey pine, Bishop pine, Lodgepole pine, Yellow pine, Sugar pine, Lumber pine, Bristlecone pine, Singleleaf pinyon pine,  and Four-leaved pinyon pine.  Other conifers of note are Bigcone spruce, Incense cedar, White fir, Tecate cypress, Cuyamaca cypress, California juniper, Western juniper and Utah juniper. 

Brad at second lunch stop
Lovely Little Jimmy Spring
This tree I'm pointing to is, I assume, an Incense cedar, with the red cedar-colored bark, cedar-like foliage, and huge size.

Brad on PCT in the San Bernardino National Forest