Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hiking for Health ~ Get your Heart on the Trail

Just a reminder to any blog followers.  This summer I will be hiking professionally for GreenTrails doing mapping work.  And like last summer, as I hike again I will be drawing small hearts on the trail.  I have not reached my goal of $10,000,  in fact I have quite a way to go before that goal is reached.   I hope that by continuing my fundraiser and with your help, and some patience, that I still will achieve my ambitious goal.

Bleeding Heart (probably not the best icon for a heart health awareness fundraiser!)
Please, if you can, make a donation to Heart on the Trail.  All money will be equally distributed between The American Heart Association and the Pacific Crest Trail Association.  And also don't forget to like us on Facebook and pass a Heart on the Trail on to your friends.  Thank you.

To quote McDonalds (again, probably not the best context for Healthy Hearts) 'I'm LIKEN it" !!

Heart on the Trail

Hiking for Health ~ Get your Heart on the Trail

California or bust!

Yessi and I have spent the last week at this little cabin in the woods on Whidbey Island enjoying our reunion and preparing to depart for California.

Yessi & Brad, Whidbey Island

On April 24 at about noon we were packed and ready to roll.  We will stop at BMW to repair a tail light and fix the hard bags, and then we're really on the road, headed for San Francisco.   We'll join friends and change vehicles in California and then head for the PCT Kickoff.  I will suddenly revert to Freestyle when the thru hikers from 2012 reunite.   

Brad & Yessi

After spending time at the PCT Kickoff, Yessi and I will hike the PCT trail for a spell before heading back to San Francisco.  At San Francisco we will pick up the bike and proceed to Big Sur where we will hike for another two weeks recording miles and trail conditions for Green Trails.