Thursday, September 15, 2011

Surprise Lake by dbMom

Joining dbBrad (the best son ever) and dbBenton (the cutest aussie ever), on their Pacific Crest Trail adventure for two days was a dream-made-for-dbMom. The hike was only 4 miles, but 4 miles of steep. I felt like I was on a StairMaster for 4 miles up and 4 miles down. It's impossible to not find beautiful country no matter where one travels, but this Pacific NW knows how to leap into my heart. Oohlala!

Too many people in the wilderness result in too much trampling. But, fortunately,Surprise Lake is getting restoration attention.

Now here's a happy camper.

Brad and Benton cross a stream on the Surprise Lake trail.

Our wonderful camp on Surprise Lake.

Beautiful Surprise Lake near Stevens Pass.

dbMom reporting on the PCT adventure

Another food drop, visit and goodbye several miles north of Lake Wenatchee. dbBrad and dbDog (cutest aussie ever) depart for six days of hiking before we reconnect again at Stevens Pass.

Puppy Benton carries what he can at a young age

Brad & Benton practice bouldering

Brad & Benton head out for another several days

dbMom joins us for a night at Suprise Lake-Stevens Pass south.

Fran hasn't been able to hike with me for years. An old ski injury gone bad (times two) and a subsequently fused ankle have make walking difficult and painful.

Yeah, to the best mom in the world!! Fran carefully navigates a difficult stream crossing.

But the power of determination shone through and she joined us at Surprise lake for a grueling 4 miles section on difficult terrain and with a vertical gain of almost 2500 ft. That is almost half a mile straight up!

Fran Abel and dbDog by huge doug fir tree, Surprise Lake, WA.
She went slow, stepped carefully, suppressed the pain and let me carry some of her goods, and was thus ABEL (no pun intended) to spend a wonderful evening with Benton and I and catch another glimpse of high alpine northwest Washington she never thought she'd see in person again. Yeah to all!!

Fran Brad and Dog grab a handful of Gorp on a quick, middle of the trail break!
And if this isn't inspiration enough for you to get out and walk, this gentleman will soon celebrate his 80th birthday and was at 6500' on his way to climb Surprise Mountain with another 1500' to go. His day would total over 13 miles in distance and 1 vertical mile of elevation gain.

My inspiration for another 40 years of hiking!

Congrats to all! dbBrad