Friday, September 18, 2015

Xiao Gong Zhu means Little Princes

Having Elin, Yessi's niece visit us from China for one month is perhaps the best visit I've ever had.

Elin, the cutest Chinese ever
This young girl, not even 6 years old had never swam in natural water, had never climbed a tree (or seen big trees in a forest), had never pet a cat or ridden a motorcycle.

Benton, the cutest Aussie ever!
We fixed that!!
Elin wearing a mask at Chachokum
During her month here in America, Elin had many many opportunities to try activities which she would have never had in China.
Elin admiring the beauty of Anacortes and Puget Sound
 Myself, being a kid at heart, took this as an amazing opportunity.

Elins first night ever camping in a tent.
 Soon it became a game for me, to find new ways to challenge her, to engage her, to stimulate her, all the while not speaking the same language.

Elin first lesson on splitting wood, getting the axe out of the piece of wood!
 I would split wood, (no pun intended) and she would want to help.  But you can hardly let a 5 year old swing a sharp axe.  So I'd bury the splitting maul in a wet piece of wood and tell her (if you can get it free you can try to split wood!"

Elins first time on a bike, ever.
With these challenges I presented her, she shined.  She saw opportunity and jumped at it.  sometimes she passed the test while other times she didn't.  She never did get the maul out or get to split wood!

Elin on the Ferry headed to Whidbey Island
 But she certainly had a desire to participate and was easily coaxed up a tree or onto a swing.

Elin climbing a tree for the first time ever.
 She even participated in the butchering of our too aggressive roosters and the subsequent BBQ
Elin buries the Rooster head
 She attended Calyx summer cam with a bunch of not chinese speaking children.  Lisa, the facilitator, was confident in kids abilities to communicate without language and she was indeed correct.  Elin did great at camp and had a wonderful time.

Elin helps with the Roster clean up
 I sometimes wonder what it is that children have that we loose as adults which prohibits us from having fun and interacting just because we cannot speak the same language.

Elin and Yessi in our Garden
 It seems with every lesson I taught Elin, I learned a lesson too.

Elin and Xiabo, her first interaction with a cat, ever!
 The time while she was her was fantastic and I look forward to not only her return, but for her little sister Celine to visit us as well.

Elin and Mia after a day at camp Calyx
 Perhaps someday I will be lucky enough to have them both visit for an extended period.  Wow, would we have fun!!
Elin at the Park
 As you can see, Yessi and I had so much fun with Elin, that we have way more pictures of the Cutest Chinese Girl ever than we have words to describe how much fun we had!

Elin creating another wonderful piece of art.
This particular one for Ferris and Jaime.
 So with this I leave you with a few more pictures and the thought that perhaps children can teach us as much as we should teach them!

Elin, a boy and his dog!
 Elin, the Cutest Chinese Girl I ever saw.

Elin and Joan
 And my family agrees.

Elin swinging at the FrEdLey residence
 And our neighbors agreed!

 And her Grandma and Great Aunt agree.

dbBrad and Elin both admire a BAPOW
(Bad Ass Piece Of Wood)
 Elin, the Cutest Chinese Ever!

Elin and Yessi on the beach
 Elin, Xiao Gong Zhu
Elins first time playing in the ocean surf at La Push, Beach 2

Elin at La Push, washington coast

Elin and Yessi at 5400' in the Olympics, Hurricane Ridge

Elin running down Hurricane ridge, Olympic National Park

Elin eating a Sunday in Port Townsend

Elin on the Quad

Elin in front of the Entry gate at the FrEdLey residence
Another one of Elins wonderful art pieces.

FrEdLey residence on Tiny House Nation

The FrEdLey residence in Langley Wa is going to be (was already) on Cable TV.  This little house has been picked up in numerous publications but is finally getting it's shot at Prime Time!

ScreenShot of TinyHousNations Season Finale on FYI
showing one of my favorite views of the FrEdLey residence.
The house is great, worthy of it's own show.  However, for this first time around, the FrEdLey residence will be just a 3 minute snippet in the middle of another show.

FrEdLey residence, as seen on TV!
Actually, Tiny House Nation builds all their own tiny houses that are then filmed for TV.  It's actually quite an honor to even make it onto the show since it wasn't one of their projects.

dbBrad talking in front of the cameras for TinyHouseNation

Regardless, working with the crew at Tiny House Nation and getting a taste of Reality TV and even 3 minutes on Cable TV is fantastic.  Thanks to all who helped including the FYI channel, the producer, the wonderful camera guy and Alicia Cabral, the associate produce.

The TinyHouseNation film crew

To view this episode of Tiny House Nation on YouTube, go here.