Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yessi Ye and Brad Hankins wedding on April 20th, 2014 at Grace Lane

Brad and Yessi first dance. 

Brad and Fran walking down the aisle!

Best man Holt Fuller from Grad school and
beautiful Brides maid Michelle Moison of WIB.

The beautiful Lipinski twins Erica and Meagan made spectacular flower girls.

The ring!

Wedding party on the catwalk.
The stunning and beautiful bride Yessi Ye seen thru the spring foliage

The wedding party and family

The wedding party on the cat walk

Brad and Barry Hankins.  Clearly good looks are genetic!

Yessi with entourage walking down path

Brad, Yessi and David Still, our amazing photographer and friend.
The bride and groom.
Brad Hankins and Yessi Ye Hankins, married!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Two years after we met

 A brief history of Brad and Yessi!

Our first evening together, after meeting at McDonalds, Invercargill NZ 2012
Two years ago we met in Invercargill New Zealand.

Brad and Yessi one week after meeting, ChristChurch NZ.

One week later we toured ChristChurch NZ together.

Yessi and Brad in HongKong, 6 months after meeting.
Six months later we were traveling in Hong Kong and Southern China together.

Brad and Yessi in Nepal, our first hike together
And then we went for our first hike in Nepal, the Annapurna Circuit.

Brad and Yessi one year later in California's Ventana Wilderness
One year later we were getting paid to hike the Ventana Wilderness in Northern California.

Brad and Yessi two years, to the day, after meeting, now married!!
Two years later, to the day ** we got married in Langley Washington, USA.  Introducing Yessi and Brad Chankins!!  

** Actually we met on the 21'st in NZ, but with the international date line, we met on the 20'th from the perspective of Washington state residents which is where we were married.