Sunday, July 20, 2014

PJ pond before, during and after

On the edge of Useless bay golf course, just off the number two tee, is a lovely place where Yessi and I have spent just about everyday working since our wedding two months ago.

Breaking up the patio which cut the house off from the yard.  
 It's been a big project transforming a house and garden.

After digging the pond, the lliner goes in and then the larger rocks get placed.

Our clients have been wonderful, the crew is fantastic, the days are hot and long but we are having fun and doing great work.  
Then the stream goes in.

One of our projects has been a pond in the back yard. Here are a few photos of Perry and Judiths pond in the making.

Then it gets some smaller rocks, gravel, plants, water and a Budah
to make it all complete.