Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ye Chan and Brad Hankins unite--Yessi and Brad Chan-kins Wedding Photos

Brad Hankins and Yessi Ye in Langley Methodist Church

A merry marriage with Mary!

Flowers for Yessi compliments of Michelle and WIB! 

Showing off our rings.  Mine is Yessis Fathers ring and hers is from my paternal Grandmother.

Signing our names to make it official.

Documentation signing at LMC

The entire wedding party, including dbBrad, Yessi Ye, Pastor Mary, Janet Ploof , Michelle Moison and Josh Jones.

Yessi presents Pastor Mary with a gift.

Post wedding congratulations.

A card and flowers made by Michelle Moison of WIB.  Thank you so much--they are awesome.

A quick reception at Star Bistro, Langley

dbBrad demonstrates the size of his ring and it's function as a finger stop!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Disaster, looks like a bomb went off in Langley making wedding photos all blurry!!

Langley Washington is currently under attack.

Total destruction yesterday on 2nd st. Langley Wa.
as violent excavator activity took the small sea side town by surprise.
Little orange machines on tracks and yellow figures holding flags or shovels were all up and down Second Street in Langley today in a post-apocalyptic scene.

Brad and Yessi Chan-kins getting married during the ground shaking activity on 2nd street.
The exact cause of the destruction is not yet know, but local residents suspect the government is involved!

Yessi and Brad in Langley Methodist Church with Pastor Mary getting Married and feeling quite merry!

Meanwhile, amongst the chaos, love is born.  Yessi Ye and Brad Hankins were married this same day.

Yessi Ye Hankins

It all happened so fast it was a blur.

Brad Hankins and Yessi Ye (Ye Chan)  Photo 1/22/2014
Photo by Josh Jones
We are officially married.
Brad and Yessi, first photo ever on night of our meeting, 4/21/2012
We met in Invicargill, NZ, McDonalds.
Photo by dbBrad
A full color instant replay to be had, real time, on April 20th, 2014.

First Proposal to Yessi with Ring, Snoqualmie Falls, WA
Photo by my dad, Barry Hankins

Location, Langley Washington, USA

First non official proposal in Tacoma at Reconciliation Park,
A genuine Chinese structure moved from China to Tacoma
where Chinese workers on the railroads are remembered.
Photo by David Still
Large traditional Chinese wedding to follow October/November 2014, date TBD

Best Proposal Ever and final try for Brad Hankins
to propose to Ye Chan (Yessi Ye)
at Mt. Rainier, Washington, USA, PARADISE
Photo by David Still

Introducing Brad and Yessi Chankins

Monday, January 20, 2014

Yessi, Benton and Brad go to Alpental for overnight winter camping experience.

Yessi and I got snow shoes for Christmas this year, compliments of Saint David Clause.  We used them up at Mt. Rainier when I proposed to Yessi.

Yessi on steep hard snow, only her second time ever Snowshoeing.
 This weekend we took a quick trip up into the mountains to winter camp.  We had Benton with us too.

While Fran and Ed are in Ecuador, were living at FrEdLey house and watching Benton (Worlds Cutest Aussie).

Benton, Worlds Cutest Aussie, perched on the snow shelf above our camp keeping a watchful eye on things.
Benton didn't have snowshoes but did fine.  There was a hard crust on top of the snow.  Bentons claws usually gave him purchase, but sometimes he would just slide on the snow.

Our home for the night.

At FrEdLey, Benton's home, there are waxed concrete floors than are pretty slick for dog paws.  When Benton comes charging into the house and puts on the brakes, he skids on all fours all the time-good practice for the snow!

Benton, Alpental's cutest Aussie Ever!

His paws got a little tender and there was some bleeding between the paws, but not bad.  He didn't seem to notice as he went into crazy mode for the entire outing.  He absolutely loved being on all that snow.

Yessi Ye Hankins enjoys the sun and the great views.
Benton is a very social dog and loves to meet new people.  There were an increadible number of people up at Alpental doing winter outings of all kinds.  On the trail, we had everything from babies in sleds to skiers coming in from back country runs.

Benton enjoyed meeting all the people, but didn't seem to like the skiers passing us on the trail.  It was either the sound of the skis on the hard snow or the fact that most of them had helmets or big hats.

Benton at Alpental giving us the 'whats taking so long' look!!

As for Yessi and I, we had a wonderful weekend.

Brad and Yessi Ye Hankins by the water tower at Alpental.

This is what happens when you live on Grace Lane, Grace under Fire!!

Pictured is a Volunteer Firefighter from Langley stopping to clear the road from a fallen tree after a storm.  The tree would have crushed all the mailboxes if not for the Grace Lane sign which stopped it.

Grace under Fire.  Grace Lane street sign (Langley WA) saves mailboxes
Unfortunately, due to new postal regulations, all mailboxes have to be removed and remounted higher anyhow, but it's still a nice story.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's official, Yessi and Brad are getting married!

I proposed to Yessi Ye (Ye Chan) during her mom and aunts visit.  Twice in fact!!!

First proposal (official) at Snoqualmie Falls.
The river was flooding and the falls were very misty, as were the eyes of onlookers!!
First time at Snoqualmie falls with family from both sides.

Brad proposes to Yessi at Mt. Rainier, Paradise!
Three days later I found myself on the side of Mt Rainier snowshoeing with blue skies, family, friends, and a good camera, and decided to do it again.

Auntie, Yessis mom, Yessi, Susan, Brad, Photo by my dad.

Yessi Ye, Brad, Yessis Mom, Yessis Aunt.