Friday, May 11, 2012


Signage.  I've been thinking alot about signs, ever since my first week on the Te Araroa trail wishing there had been more.  It has generated a lot of discussions about the nature of signage, what is appropriate or inappropriate, what is helpful, what is graffiti, and if there was a code for signage, what would it be.   How often should a trail be marked and if a sign is broken or missing or incorrect, is it okay to modify it as a user to help other hikers?

dbBrad aka Freestyle poses next to a hand made sign, an asset to the trail and helpful for hikers.
Here I have shown two signs, both made by users of the trail, thus non official, and at both ends of the spectrum.  Clearly the hand painted sign at the top is as official as one can get with salvaged metal plates and enamel paint done by hand; and it is helpful to all users. I would say it's an asset to the trail.
An official sign that has been graffitied- defined by me as markings of a personal nature and of no value to others.
This one was a good sign but has been ruined by people marking it not with intent to help hikers but in a more personal 'i was here' manner consistent with most graffiti.  This is an example of vandalism.

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