Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mount Laguna

Made it to Laguna  today.  Found a great outdoor shop in a little village where I purchased new boots (guaranteed to last the entire length of the PCT) and a tarp with a reflective back.  I'm sending my shoes (not high enough to keep the sand out or strong enough for the weight I'm carrying) and tent with rain fly (too heavy and, according to others on the trail, not necessary) home to reduce base weight of pack.  I now have the base weight at 16 lbs.  So far, I haven't made my 20 miles per day. Presently I'm at about 42 miles, but will hike more this afternoon.

In San Diego I had purchased a light weight bag with min pad, reducing my sleeping gear by about 2 lbs. Little by little I'm dropping my pack's base weight.

Best shop ever, south of Wander on Whidbey


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