Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PCT - Mourning the lack of huts

Huts!  There are hundreds of them of the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand.  In fact, the Department of Conservation maintains about 900 huts throughout New Zealand, with a large number available for trampers on all the trails.  Huts are wonderful for tramper gatherings, drying clothing, cooking, and staying warm and dry, or dying out. 

Norway too has lots of huts for trampers and skiers.

But, in the US. the PCT, a 2700 mile trail, for example, has less than a handful of huts.   I would love more huts in the US!   Perhaps my build-design background is just what the US hut system needs.  Is the Forest Service hiring?  Doubtful given our economy.  But, I'll keep dreaming about huts, recycled materials, small shelters and the companionship and safety afforded by a good hut system for back country folks.

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