Sunday, May 6, 2012

dbBrad and Mom in San Diego to start PCT 2012

If I have learned anything in the last decade it's that every day is a gift.  Visiting a military cemetery in San Diego after arriving home from NZ reminded me of this.

That and if you're going to mark (some call graffiti) a trail, don't use such a recognizable symbol and certainly don't use it in hut books next to your name.

A somber moment delightfully serene at Pt. Loma Naval Cemetery in San Diego.  The last  time I'll see the Pacific Ocean for 5 month.
Today is May 6th and I've been back in the USA for six days.  Prior to that I've been in New Zealand where I hiked the Te Araroa trail, a hiking trail across New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Bluff, over 3000km (1800miles).  For postings and pictures by dbBrad of the Te Araroa trail, go here.

Along the beach boulevard in San Diego dbBrad and dbMom rented cruisers and rode along the beach.
The trip to NZ was wonderful.  I met many many people whom I'll never forget. The Kiwi hospitality is amazing, the country diverse and full of natural wonders, the trails though rough were challenging and remote but well marked and safe.  I completed the hike in 135 days hiking a total of 2500 kilometers.

dbBrad and dbMom camp at Twin Lakes near Campo on my last night before starting the PCT 
So enthralled with New Zealand, Australia, I am actively looking for and applying for jobs in the Southern Hemisphere hoping to return after I complete the PCT.  I anticipate it will take me 5 months to complete the 2800 miles up to Canada.
dbBrad dons a hat for the PCT.  Shown here at the very  southern start along the USA Freedom fence!
In the mean time, I now am the proud owner of an I phone so will be using it to post pictures and stay in closer touch with friends, family and you.

Rock outcroppings galore along first section of PCT.
So drop me a line, say hi, use my pictures, send me advice or a hello or a link to a job and follow along as I hike the PCT.  Inspired by Annie and Crasher,(scroll down link for pictures) two women who's memory constantly reminds me that 'I can'

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