Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PCT - Day 10!


18 miles but even hotter and dryer
Guzzler cistern sucks
Come on nay parks let's get it together with real Water tanks and some shelters

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  1. DB, Hope the knee is holding up OK.
    Richard has just left for Wellington, leaving me the sole occupant of this backpackers in Nelson. It has a computer and free wifi so suits my immediate needs.
    Got your news from your Mum, but wanted to leave a message to say Hi from NZ.
    Heading up to Auckland before too long (it's getting chilly here, though the woodfire is nice in the evenings.
    I've been working on the photos. Your Mum is going to post some (or perhaps a link to them?) here. Also been doing a retrospective diary before it all gets lost. The photos are very evocative so remembering has not been too hard.
    I'm thinking about PCT Next year... so am looking forward to your 3 sheets of A4 Guide to the PCT! My Mini-Guide to the TA is progressing.
    Hope you are finding the PCT well marked! ;)
    Cheers, Charlie