Monday, February 6, 2012

Ruapehu was so beautiful, it deserves another posting, Te Araroa Freestyle by dbBrad

Rocks and snow above Whakapapa ski resort during ascent, NW side

One of the many falls sumits acending Mt Ruapehu

Ruapehu and crater lake with mist from the lake and fog from below.  Feb 2012

dbBrad wondering how he's going to get into the Ruapehu hut since it's frozen solid, Te Araroa Freestyle route!

Ruapehu lake and primary summit, Feb 2012

dbBrad in the clouds on top of Mr. Ruapehu just off the Te Araroa trail!

dbBrad an hour later, same spot, Rupehu summit, Te Araroa Freestyle route

Ruapehu hut frozen from the storm, Feb 2012

Ruapehu summit as seen from the hut with clouds hiding the rest of New Zealand!

Clouds hiding the rest of New Zealand leaving the summit of Ruapehu and dbBrad the only ones for hundreds of kilometers in the sun.

Ruapehu hut below the summit but way above the clouds.

Ruapehu hut at sunset, Te Araroa freestyle by dbBrad

Ruapehu from the south, Ohakune.  The saddle just to the left of picture center was my route for the 'Te Araroa freestyle up and over Ruapehu' track, 2012

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