Saturday, February 11, 2012

dbBrad and dbBenton think alike!

Along the many back roads I took driving to Portland last summer to support my parents in riding the STP, Benton (world's cutest Australian Shepherd) and I stopped at many parks and played and practiced.

Typical Aussie puppy, a blur of activity!
Benton and I did lots of training since I've taken an interest in agility competitions. As I look around at competing dogs I realize that Australian Shepherds and Border Collies dominate agility and Frisbee competitions in the medium weight classes. They're smart, fast, athletic and virtually unbeatable.

Cutest Aussie ever, Benton looks down from a 4' tall rock wall.
Like me, Benton likes to climb. With a wave of the hand he jumps where I point. Even without, he gets up on every bench, table, rock or wall thinking it's what I want him to do. It is and I'm beginning to wonder if he's telepathic too!

Benton trying to run up the almost vertical wall of a rock monument.
Fran, my mom and owner of Benton, sends little tales to me on the trail (no pun intended) about how Benton entertains himself while she's working in the garden by getting up on which ever object is closest, stump, rock, wheelbarrow, truck) and watching her!

Benton on a Monument, a testiment to the skills of Aussies.
It's a pleasure working with a dog that seems to be smarter and more willing to learn than many people I know. And his determination to please is unstoppable.

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