Saturday, February 11, 2012

dbDog's not on the Te Araroa trail, but he is on the table.

Benton is not only the world's cutest aussie, but also perhaps the most endearing Australian Shepherd I've ever seen or met.
Benton, the cutest Aussie in the world
Picture above is of dbBenton on dbBrad's Flintstone table, a 14"x 22" X 8' long piece of wood which was so heavy (800lbs) it needed wheels (recycled from Cheryl's living gate) in order to be moved. I cut off two 14" sections and then cut those in half to make 4 wood cubes which are stools to go around the table. 100% recycled and re-purposed from materials that were destined for the dump.

Wellington as viewed from the hills above before the last decent
on the North Island portion of the Te Araroa trail.
What this picture doesn't show is the fields of sheep behind, the long winding trail getting here and the bench I was sitting on when I took the picture. Had Benton, aka dbDog, been with me, not only would he be in heaven, he'd be sitting on the bench with me, just like in the photo above.

Benton, world's cutest Aussie, thinks his sleeping bag is the Cat's Meow and he's correct. Boy he's a smart dog!!

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