Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thru hiking with a small pack--new hear in Wellington for the Te Araroa trail

unfinished posting--will resume when I get more time.

This section of time marks the last of the north island of New Zealand.  Through the Tararuas and out to the Ocean, down the coast arriving at Wellington where I stayed for 5 days while I got some new gear, rested, and planned the more difficult sections of the south island.

Last summer when I hiked a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), I had my large alpine mountaineering pack and it was absurdly heavy. I decided to use a small Greggory pack which had been given to me instead for the Te Araroa Trail, and it's worked well though is showing signs of falling apart at almost every seam. With the added weight of up to 10 days of food I will need to carry on the South Island, I'm concerned with it's ability to make it all the way to Bluff. So I'm getting a new pack and one that is slightly larger so packing won't be such a precision task.

I ended up purchasing lots of gear besides a new pack.  The light weight hiking shoes were only giving me about 500k/pair so I switched to boots.  I had my tent repaired where a zipper had broken on the fly, purchased some more Marino wool garments (socks and underwear) which is easily 10x better than poly-pro, and decided on a slightly heavier but higher performance gortex jacket considering all the rain I've had and am likely to see on the south island.

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