Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 72-87 Tararaus to Wellington

dbBrad just can't help examining  an odd piece of metal.

dBrad furniture, even available on the Te Ararao trail.

dbBrad Flore andLludo at Barnacle, Paraparaumu
Back on the beach again, Te Araroa 2012, Wellington district

dbBoat on beach with Kapiti island in the background

dbBrad on beach with Kapiti island in background, Te Araroa trail

Te Ararao trail markers look good on blue too, especially near the ocean.

dbBrad Ludo and Flore take lunch at a little town along the south west coast of  new zealand along the Te Araroa trail

Te Ataroa trail, Kapiti island

Flore and Ludo brighten the Te Araroa trail

Tent like roof kinda looks like a hat on top of dbBrads mohawk!

Along the Te Araroa trail, you will meet some very interesting kiwi folk

Stairs ascending out of elsden towards wellington along the te araroa trail
A perfect portion of the Te Araroa trail with Kapiti island in backgroiund

Te Araroa trail marker just north of Wellington

This is the Wellington gaurd cow, No Bull!!!

In the hills above Wellington,

The GoPro portable action camera has nothing on the LudoCam!

Markers along the Te Araroa trail have been sparse, however this pole nearing Wellington seems to be well marked.

Flore Ludo and dbBrad skipping another section of Tar a Road on the Te Araroa trail

Ludo and Flore on the Te Ararao trail

Approaching Wellington on the Te Araroa trail

dbBrad on the Te Araroa trail, very tired!!

Wellington, NZ

Flore and Ludo possing for a 'just married' photo in Wellington after compoleting half the Te Araroa trail, 2012

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  1. thank you for these pictures of our children.
    good luck
    Guy the father of Ludo