Thursday, December 22, 2011

Te Araroa Signage

Some signs are better than others.  For the most part the trail has been incredibly well marked in the bush which is amazing considering I can count the number of people I've met hiking on trails (over 350km so far) on one hand.

Trail markings on the Te Araroa, this one in particular is a bit confusing!

The road markings are another story and while there are Te Araroa signs here and there, the only way to navigate these portions is with the track details provided by the trust.

The puhoi river section was very easy to follow and well marked with large signs telling me where I was.
All in all the trust has done an amazing job with their maps and descriptions and I thank them for over two decades of work to put this trail system together.  A little side note, that the Te Araroa trust is only about a dozen volunteers working out of a spare bedroom.

An orange post marking the trail on farmland where there are no trees.

The Department of Conservations is improving many of the trails I've walked so far and responsible for much of the signage and there are numerous volunteers who have worked on all these trails who all have my thanks and appreciation.  I breath a little sigh of relieve with every orange post or triangle I find, letting me know I might be lost, but at least I'm still on the Te Araroa Trail!

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