Monday, December 12, 2011

dbBrad Self Portraits

After 9 hours of 90 mile beach, I made it mine!
dbBrad on dbBeach, Te Araroa trail 2011
Every day I try to take a picture of my camp, myself or of the geography.  I try to do something different just to keep some variety to the pictures.  Below are a dozen or show images of me, dbBrad, on the Te Araroa trail during my first month.

dbBrad on 90 mile beach.

dbBrad in one of the streams along 90 mile beach that drain
the water trapped behind the sand dunes labeled 'swamp'

In the middle of 90 mile beach is a large rock outcropping and here it is.

dbBrad and his beloved MSR tent.
dbBrad with 'Shocklite poles all the way from REI in the states and they still don't work!

Actually everyday I seem to take about 100 pictures, a third of which are easy to delete but the rest not so.

dbDeep grass!

When I get to a \computer i can delete another 3rd with a good monitor and no concerns for battery life.

dbBrad and dbKauri

Which means when I do a posting for 10 days, Ive got to go through roughly 300-600 photos.

dbBrad loves his mom and the cliff says so.

I search them as large icons looking for shape, color, imagery, content and location.  The highlights.

dbBrad fighting the kiwi vines, Te Araroa trail 2011

Usually they don't include me as there are only so many angles you can hold out your arm and take a self portrait.

dbBrad shocked to find solar panels on top of this mountain!

The timer helps broaden the possibilities but really I'm here for the culture and environment of new Zealand, not to see pictures of myself in front of it..

dbBrad in the bush, Te Araroa.

 However it is a bit fun to see the best of dbBrad self portraits all together. Roughly one per day, and fairly chronological too.

This sign on the Te Araroa trail makes me want TE PUKE!

dbBrad, Medalin and Phlp in the bay of islands, Te Araroa trail, 2011 on our way to Waikarie

dbBrad hiking a stream.  Just another day with
wet feet on the Te Araroa trail, NZ 2011


dbBrad infront of a 400 meter long bridge leaving Whananaki.

dbBrad--where is your other hiking pole?

dbBrad giving scale to the Epiphytes growing in the Kauri trees along the Te Araroa trail, NZ 2011

dbBrad at Metapori--most beautiful spot so foar along the Te Araroa
Thanks to DoC for the new trails in this area.

dbBrad on Te Araroa trail, 2011.

dbBrad kayaking on the Te Araroa trail

dbBrad on Te Araroa trail 2011

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