Thursday, December 22, 2011

OR Gators not a crock!

One of the issues with hiking on sand, snow or mud can be debris flipping up from one shoe and hitting the back of your leg and falling into your other shoe.  It only happens one little bit at a time but when you're walking 8 hours a day it adds up.

OR Gators not a croc, but a great product no TTH should be with out.

I purchased a set of light weight gators from OR which I love.  Surprising because on day one I slipped on a big rock and tore the base strap (goes around the bottom of my shoe) through the buckle and bent the pin which holds it.  I though, these darn gators are a crock, but they were easily repaired and it hasn't failed since.

Croc OR Gator
Features of the Gators I love are the lightweight soft shell material giving it a little stretch and being quite resilient to abrasion and the extra tabs top and bottom to help secure the Velcro closure system.  Even so, I have concerns about the longevity of the Velcro which gets muddy and wet daily but so far so go.

dbBrad with all his gear prior to departing for New Zealand.

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