Thursday, December 22, 2011

Light weight packs

Light weight packs.  Something I've looked at for years and scoffed at.  Flimsy material, easy to tear, little tiny buckles and small.  Where is all my stuff to go?

Gregory pack donated by Gregors, aka TGW
 My trusty mountaineering pack was always my pack of choice.  It could hold all my climbing and camping gear combined and was made out of material so heavy I could drag it up the mountain and it would be okay.  The frame was strong enough for me to stand on the the buckles and straps gave me great confidence.  But it weighted 8lbs.

dbBrad with 11 months of hiking/living gear in his awesome light weight pack made by Gregory,

But when I section hiked the PCT last summer, I saw lots of small packs going long ways and decided to give it a try.  Sure enough, it's an awsome pack.  As of now it has 40 days of use and is showing signs of wear but no signs of failure.  It loads great, the buckles are solid enough, wears well, has some additional storage with stretchy back patch and top pocket and is anything but waterproof.  But as soon as MSR starts production of the New Zoid 3, my convertible rain fly will keep me and my pack nice and dry so in the mean time, garbage bags work great.

Typical backpackers with front and back packs as well as hands full. These two are out for 3 months.

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