Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scraps, Scraps and More Scraps

The chain for the downspout is from Island Recycling. The screens are made from old roofing from the Island County Fair Barn and the roof on the porch is built of salvaged wood from Two Dog Timberworks. The 6x6 came from a side yard pile and even the steel posts are remnants.

Two new decks were created. One off Lois's bedroom and the other at the new south door. Both were made entirely of the wood we salvaged from Lois's original deck.

The studio light fixture was left over cutoffs from cleaning up recycled wood for the previous roof portion of project --stacked until a use came.-- too much nice wood to throw away.

The bridge is left over 2x4's from the project. From decks, walls, under the house and salvage, we had a large pile of 2x4's. Too nice to throw away, too short to use. Great to have a use for many pieces 30" long!

The mulch on the ground is shredded wood waste from Island County Solid Waste. And the pile of logs and forest duff, to be distributed throughout the garden for soil tilth, is from a clearing down the street.

And of coarse the existing site and house have been recycled too, given a new life.

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