Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finding Homes

I commented the other day that I built Lois's house out of Garbage. Or at least what would have been garbage 15 years ago. That is to say that as recent as last decade we, as a nation, were burning wonderful wood, burying metals without even recycling, and hauling a massive pile of
materials to the dump after every project.

We've hauled 3 truckloads to the dump for an entire renovation of house and garden! This pile of old fascia and pipe salvaged from the Wise project and scraps of flashing has shrunk and continues to await its new purposing.

We used all the lumber from roofing pallets, disassembled decks and walls plus other house parts we demoed. We pulled nails from scraps I used from my last job and we still have a pile of wood left. It's being cut up for stakes and supports for supporting a fence during construction.

We've even found homes for the materials we can't re-use. Some to thrift shops, some donated to a kid's tree-house. The old upper cabinets were delivered to Seattle and the lowers, along with the sink and faucet, to Langley.

Were trying to find homes for the products we don't like such as the Pergo strips we salvaged and this white arbor. We're so committed to recycling Joe's been maintaining ads on Craig's List where we offered any takers one dollar (we give you a dollar) to take this garden thing away.

This concrete sink is still available. Small cracks but usable--a nice casting with a copper edge.

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