Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mom, I love you

I wasn't home for Thanksgiving, but I did hand carve a giant card which thanks to blogspot doesn't need a stamp. The road pictured which I was walking along for 25km, was a fresh fix, had thousands of truckloads of gravel and road base, and was already washing out at every culvert.

FrEdLey residence, a place designed and built especially for my mom Fran and Ed.

New Zealand has water problems, whose potential solutions remind me of Fran and the years of pond work and restoration projects we've done together, of which FrEdLey, her home, is one of the best.

dbHorses where db is short for double not dbBrad
These horses aren't mules, Fran's favorite, but they warmed my heart with their cute if not brief friendship I shared with them as I walked past and they too made me think of Mom!! Mom, thanks for all the love and support while growing up, and thank you for the extra 20 years worth too!!

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