Thursday, November 7, 2013

Yessi Ye raps

Yessi, growing up in China, has much different music tastes than mine.  Perhaps you've gone out to a Thai or Asian meal and heard music in the background, part american pop, part ancient oriental, part lost due to language translation?  It's not pretty, in my opinion. So I'm teaching Yessi to Rap.  Of coarse I'm no musician, and when I say Rap, I'm really using the slang for rappelling, which is to lower oneself down on a rope.

Yessi at Mt. Erie in Anacortes, WA, rappelling for the first time ever and not too happy about it.

Yessi has never Rapped before and was very scared.  I thought she might not make it over the cliff edge.  In fact we moved the rope to another set of anchors that had an easier start to help her out.  She was so nervous she was shaking, but we had two instructors, one above (me) coaching her and one below (Ashley of WOW and  DHT) holding onto the ropes ready to emergency break Yessi if needed.

Yessi manages a smile even as she shakes with fear during her first time on a rope, ever.
Like always, Yessi rises to the challenges I present her with and I'm very proud of her for completing her crash course in climbing without a climbing crash, of course!

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