Monday, November 11, 2013

Yessi gets a taste of true America

Yessi and I love our little projects around the Moore Estate. Last weekend we moved a bunch of stuff out of the cabin so we could build a 15' long counter/desk along one wall.  Since Yessi and I are working on so many projects, she needed her own work station and I needed a place to work that wasn't on my drafting table so I could do more drawing.

Yessi does some more work on the Moore tractor.
We got a few BAPOW'S from FrEdLey and hauled them over for Moore shop work.  The barn is a great work space with a large clean concrete floor and big doors that open, large enough that we could work on 16' boards without having them outside in the rain getting wet. (this actually requires 32' of space in a straight line)

Another Falcon first down!!!  Go Falcons!!
While we were working, Lance had some Moore projects to do, one working on his old Ford tractor. We have him a hand replacing a hydraulic line and then decided we'd go the the South Whidbey High School game, as recommended by Gary Piper.  For many years he's been going to the games with Willard and it seemed like a great thing to do--and it was!

It seems Yessi just got off the Plane, and here she is on a Planer again.

The Falcons are a single A team and were playing a well established AA team.  They get another single A for effort, and I feel bad for them because it was the last game of the season and they got destroyed.  As Mr. Piper said during the game though, " cheerleaders destroyed theirs so we're about even"!!!

Yessi in coveralls with yellow tractor, grease on her face and a wrench as big as her arm!  
So, our America day involved driving around in a big diesel ford Truck, milling beautiful old growth wood for a project in our cabin, working on a tractor and going to a football game.  I'm thinking this is pretty American, at least it would be pretty hard to do any of these in China!!

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