Friday, May 31, 2013

Letter to Ibex, dbBrads favorite outdoor clothing company

Ibex was first introduced to me by Sara Diers at Wander on Whidbey, one of the best little gear shops I've ever shopped at.  When she first handed me Ibex I loved it, then I looked at the price tag.  But I didn't set it down, instead I tried the sexy practical hooded garment they call 'The Shak' on and I haven't taken it off since.  Though it cost more, it's far outlasted and outperformed any gear I've had previously in 30 years of mountaineering, kayaking, bicycling and traveling.  It's warm, looks great, tough, looks great, doesn't stink and it looks great, still.

dbBrad, his Ibex Shak, and Conan on Mount Talbot, above Homer Saddle overlooking Milford sound, on the South Island of New Zealand off the Te Araroa trail and on another Freestyle adventure.

I'm so enthralled with the company Ibex, who has stood behind their gear, replaced worn garments and even provided me with additional gear in exchange for photos of ibex all over the globe, that I'm writing to them to say, I love Ibex and want to wear it everyday.  And Yessi does TuTwo and so should you!!


  1. I like the way you expressed your love for Ibex. Really they have some best quality outdoor garments for the tramp lovers especially.