Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Challenging trails at Big Sur!

In a quick note to my mom via my iphone, I summarized our first loop in the Big Sur, Ventana wilderness.

Big Sur, Ventana Wilderness, Los Padres Forest, Coast of Northern California.
Brutal hard trails.  Overgrown and very difficult to follow.  Going is very slow.  Rained Sunday so we've been cold and wet for 36 hours.  Ran out of foodthis morning so hiked hungry all day to get to the highway by dark.  Yessi is exhausted and not feeling good.  The trails, or perhaps routes is a better word, are challenging to say the least!  And with the mountains and coast line enveloped in fog, the views have been less than spectacular.  All in all, the last two days--not fun.  But were making the most of it, which is really all one can ever do.

Brad & Yessi, Big Sur, Ventan Wilderness, hiking for GreenTrails maps.

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