Friday, December 7, 2012

Introduction to Kathmandu

Sadoj Simkhada met us at the airport.  Immediately after walking out the door we were approached by dozens of people offering us tours, taxi rides, and guide services.  This man was particularly on top of it.  A very good salesperson and we selected him though I'm not sure we had much of a choice. He gave us a tour of the town pointed, out attractions along the way, and delivered us to a great hotel.  

Yessi, Brad and Sadoj Simkhada at the Kathmandu Airport

The hotel card in the guide book and a Nepal guide card.  We've decided to do the trek on our own. Prakash was a guide for years and has a lot of experience.  He says there is nothing left here for him to do. Now he organizes tours and has great guides.  If we were going to do a guided Nepal trek  I would definitely use Prakash's guide services.

From our hotel in Kathmandu:

Brad & Yessi

View from our hotel roof

Our hotel in Kathmandu overlooking a very active street

Brad -  Kathmandu

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