Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chinese Style Health Care

Acupuncture, massage, herbal tinctures ~

The Acupuncdture Needles

The health care here in China is so different from our American health care, as if from opposite sides of the globe!  How is it I was born on the wrong side?  From the minute I entered the building it was all a new experience.  Stone steps and wood siding with indirect lighting as well as natural light views.  It all warmed my soul.  Staffed by uniformed reception staff (all women) and doctors who dress like regular people (all men).  My doctor. Mr. Ju Qing X, is a funny, friendly man who inspires confidence and works from intuition.  Five minutes of dialogue and a quick look at my back and he knew what to do.

In the treatment room multiple patients gather for simultaneous treatment.  It is all very casual with the doctor and the patients all talking, bantering and laughing while needles are inserted into writhing subjects.  Yelps are common, as are smiles.  There is a sense of community among everyone in the room which is heart warming and comforting.

It's a shared experience

I couldn't help but compare this system of medical care, complete with strong social support, to our system of sterile rooms where patients are isolated to wait alone, in fear. America's waiting rooms are quiet.  No one talks.  No one shares.  We are afraid of the other patients and the doctors.  Here there is no fear only treatment and compassion.  Much more human.  And, did I mention, affordable.

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