Sunday, December 10, 2017

Xiao Gong Zhu Two

Xiao Gong Zhu mean little princess and this year (2016) we had another princess, Celine, Eline's sister visit us from China.

Celine loves to draw, just like her sister Elin.
They are both amazing artists.

The notion of trees, wood and natural land is new to Celine
as she comes from an Island that is virtually entirely covered with
concrete, buildings and people.

Having a large fire was something she'd never experienced.

Raised as a princess in China, she had also never had trucks and
tractors to play with, only dolls.

Celine was our little good luck charm. She hadn then winning ticket for
Langley Chamber of Commerce Holiday give away.

Yessi Brad and Celine with our $1000 check.

She was having a great time jumping right up until she
hit her head on the bell.

Celine and Yessi's Mom

Celine pretty excited by Christmas.

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