Friday, September 18, 2015

FrEdLey residence on Tiny House Nation

The FrEdLey residence in Langley Wa is going to be (was already) on Cable TV.  This little house has been picked up in numerous publications but is finally getting it's shot at Prime Time!

ScreenShot of TinyHousNations Season Finale on FYI
showing one of my favorite views of the FrEdLey residence.
The house is great, worthy of it's own show.  However, for this first time around, the FrEdLey residence will be just a 3 minute snippet in the middle of another show.

FrEdLey residence, as seen on TV!
Actually, Tiny House Nation builds all their own tiny houses that are then filmed for TV.  It's actually quite an honor to even make it onto the show since it wasn't one of their projects.

dbBrad talking in front of the cameras for TinyHouseNation

Regardless, working with the crew at Tiny House Nation and getting a taste of Reality TV and even 3 minutes on Cable TV is fantastic.  Thanks to all who helped including the FYI channel, the producer, the wonderful camera guy and Alicia Cabral, the associate produce.

The TinyHouseNation film crew

To view this episode of Tiny House Nation on YouTube, go here.

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