Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to make a town more Pedestrian Friendly

Step 1 Tear up the Road.

Step 2 Park lots of machinery everywhere.

Step 3 Allow people to keep driving thru, but make them wait for flagers and machinery.  This is an important step, as you are training the public to use other streets for driving and parking

Langley Wa, now Pedestrian Friendly.  Notice not a car on the street at mid day.
Step 4 Begin to repair road, then go back to step one.

Step 5  After several weeks, totally block vehicular access to primary shops like Groceries store and Post office.

Step 6  Go back to step one.

Now, enjoy your new pedestrian friendly town.  Notice that even on nice spring days, there are no cars on this road.  The community is trained to drive elsewhere and you know have a pedestrian friendly and vehicle free street!!

A temporary building in Langley at the Star Store which has been here for years, recently redone by John Alsip.  Now the only permanent part of Second street since everything else has been torn out!!
Step 7, Optional for small historic towns like Langley WA.  Remove every piece of the street that is considered permanent, side walks, drive ways, sewer and drain pipes, even store fronts, but leave the one thing in the town that is totally not permanent, but has been there for ever.  Makes people feel at home during the transition!!

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