Friday, August 2, 2013


YESSI and I are very excited to be hosting seven owners and managers from TuTwo this weekend. Tutwo is the name of an outdoor gear retail chain in China.

Yessi with the TuTwo flag on the PCT at White Pass near Glacier Mountain.
Before Yessi and I left for Nepal, we visited many shops in her home town of Xiamen, and TuTwo had the best selection of real outdoor gear and accessories we were able to find.

dbBrad with the TuTwo flag in the Olympics
While we were in China, TuTwo gave us a pair of boots each as well as a TuTwo flag. We've worn out the boots but the flag still travels with us on each hike.

Both Yessi and I find that our time in the wilderness is inspirational.  Every journey brings new challenges, beauty, adventure,  and a renewed sense of accomplishment.

While I was hiking the PCT last summer, Yessi was working as assistant to the purchasing director at TuTwo. When I finished the trail, she took a leave of absence and came to visit for the summer where we have had one adventure after another hiking lost trails and marking trail features for Green Trails Maps.

TuTwo flag in Nepal
We have carried this flag hundreds of miles in Nepal, along the PCT near Mexico and Canada both, in the Olympic Mountains, along the California coast near Big Sur, and in the Cascades near Glacier Peak.

Yessi in Nepal
Getting paid to hike is a great thing and we look forward to having this same opportunity in China. TuTwo has asked us if we'd like to come teach outdoor skills to their employees.

This weekend will be all about outdoor activities in the Seattle area.  Though we won't be hiking, we'll certainly be putting on the miles as we tramp all over the city, and visit Whidbey Island as well, looking at some of the great outdoor gear retails shops.   We have including Patagonia, Ibex, Feathered Friends, Wander on Whidbey, and of coarse, papa bear, REI, on our list of favorites.

If you see us flying away on our flag. turned to kite, it probably has something to do with TuTwo!

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