Saturday, June 2, 2012

PCT - Day 26

Hiked 20.5 miles today.

Brad on lunch break at Blue Ridge, high above Wrightwood. 

View from lunch tree

Not just a lunch tree, but also a pack rack,  and too beautiful for words.
Many conifers grow in the Southern California mountains, including numerous pines: Jeffrey pine, Coulter pine, Gray or Foothill pine, Knobcone pine, Torrey pine, Bishop pine, Lodgepole pine, Yellow pine, Sugar pine, Lumber pine, Bristlecone pine, Singleleaf pinyon pine,  and Four-leaved pinyon pine.  Other conifers of note are Bigcone spruce, Incense cedar, White fir, Tecate cypress, Cuyamaca cypress, California juniper, Western juniper and Utah juniper. 

Brad at second lunch stop
Lovely Little Jimmy Spring
This tree I'm pointing to is, I assume, an Incense cedar, with the red cedar-colored bark, cedar-like foliage, and huge size.

Brad on PCT in the San Bernardino National Forest 

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